Where to Buy Exhaust flex pipes


Comflex offers various exhaust flex pipes and pipe connectors for all needed to fit exhaust systems. Besides, our philosophy is simple: deliver superior exhaust fitting accessories with more features than the OEM at a better price.

Exhaust flex pipes

Technical Parameters
Bellow Compensator 
Size: 50
Material: ss321
Layer: 2

    Our advantages of exhaust flex pipes

    -The wide and complete range of products
    -Superior quality of products
    -High-quality service
    -Fast delivery
    -Flexible payment terms
    In addition, Comflex offers different parts for modified cars according to customers' demands.

    Why choose us?

    Strength: Firstly We have the talent and high-tech equipment to produce various of custom hose clamps.
    Price: Secondly, as a professional manufacturer, our quality and price are more competitive.
    Shipping: Thirdly, according to the number of orders, we supply different shipping ways. All we want is your satisfaction.
    Safety: Finally, Alibaba Trade Assurance Service is available.


    1. How long is the warranty on new replacement parts?
    Normally for replacement parts and 1 year. But if you are our old customers, we will add the warranty time.

    2. Can I interchange parts on my ride with another model or year?
    Chiefly, we only recommend using parts that were designed for your product model and year.

    3. How can I find my interested products?
    Chiefly, you can search on our website or contact our sales directly.

    4. When to USE Gasket Sealant?
    You can use it on a leaky gasket. Concurrently, sealants work great as temporary fixes but eventually, if a gasket leaks you'll need to replace the gasket.

    5. I plan on taking off the head and cleaning up the combustion chamber and intake and exhaust ports. Do I need to replace the head gasket or can I reuse it?
    Yes, we would recommend replacing all the gaskets. Generally, you cannot reuse a gasket and most often when pulling apart sections using a gasket, the gasket has baked on and comes off in pieces often leaving behind bits stuck to the separated housing.