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Comflex Flexible Steel Hose

Flexible Steel Hose Description Flexible Steel Hose is composed of three parts: corrugated hose, braid, and joint. It has good flexibility because the longitudinal rigidity and bending rigidity of
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Comflex Rectangular compensators

How to Make Metal Rectangular Corrugated Compensator?

Metal rectangular corrugated compensators are generally installed on rectangular pipelines. Generally, rectangular pipelines are low-pressure pipelines. Commonly used compensators are metal rectangular corrugated compensators and rectangular non-metallic compensators. For
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Comflex compensator

How to Avoid Corrosion of Bellows Compensator?

Corrosion of the bellows compensator will reduce its own service life and fail to reach the fatigue times that it should exert. Therefore, when choosing the material of the
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Comflex-flexible metal hose

How to Deal With Metal Hose Crack?

Metal hoses use more and more common in social development socio-economic, especially in the field of production and processing of stainless steel plates, crude oil, chemical plants, etc., are
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Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd metal hose

Design Method of Metal Hose

The metal hose is a kind of flexible, thick-walled tube, and a horizontal convolution tube heat exchanger part, which can digest the journal, angle, side and deflection under external
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Comflex flexible metal hoses

What Is The Reason For The Bulging Of The Metal Hose?

1. The bending radius is too small In the actual installation process, due to the limited installation space of the hose, when the length of the selected hose does
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Structure of Metal Hose​

Structure of Metal Hose​

Metal hose is a high-quality flexible pipeline in modern industrial pipelines. Let’s take a look at the structure of the stainless steel flexible hose. It is mainly composed of
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Flexible Metal Hose Application

The Application of Flexible Metal Hose

Metal hose is an important connecting component, which is composed of flexible pipe, net sleeve and joint. Metal hose is characterized by good elasticity and small stiffness. The net
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How to select the types of Expansion Joints

Expansion joint, also known as Pipe Compensator, is mainly used to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline caused by temperature changes. If the pipe does
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