What Are the Steps of Welding Steel Flex Hose?


Steel flex hose is widely used in various fields such as aerospace, petrochemical, mining and electronics, machinery and shipbuilding, medical and health, light textile and electronics, energy and construction, metallurgy, and so on. What are the steps of welding steel flex hose? Let's take a look next.

Comflex ss flex hoses

Technical Parameters
SS Flex Hose 
Size: 150
Material: ss321
Fitting: Flange

    When the ss flex hose is a highly flexible pipe connected to metal equipment, in connection with other equipment, most of the use of welding method. In the process of welding we will often use the five-step welding method, today we will lead you to understand the specific implementation of the five-step welding method.

    1. Pipe mouth size. In welding measure out the length of the pipe, and then use the pipe knife, to cut the size of the pipe.

    2. Clean the pipe. As the pipe is metallic in nature, the pipe will be oxidized to produce some slag, and some of the slags will affect the effect of welding. Therefore, when we use the welding before the application of abrasive cloth or paper, the tube inside the waste slag grinds off.

    3. Use the tube brush to clean the fittings. Clean the fittings can make sure the welding hose and tin-plated joint.

    4. Master the welding time. Generally speaking, how long do you need to weld the pipe, you need the corresponding length of solder.

    5. Use torch heaters. The main reason for using a torch heat pipe is to ensure that the pipe is evenly heated at the weld. Note that when using a torch, make sure that the flame is close enough to cover the entire diameter of the pipe.

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