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Comflex- expansion joint

Introduction of General -purpose metal compensator

Product introduction of metal compensator: There are two types of connection forms for universal metal compensators, namely welded universal metal compensators and flanged universal metal compensators. The welded universal
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Introduction of polishing wheel

Today we are delighted to share our polishing wheel with you. Polishing wheel is made of steel wire, stainless steel, copper wire and other metal wire. It is an industrial brush used for
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Comflex flexible-exhaust-pipes

Understanding the Benefits of Flexible Exhaust Pipes for Vehicles

Introduction: Flexible exhaust pipes have revolutionized the automotive industry. It provides a range of advantages that make them a popular choice among vehicle owners. Unlike traditional rigid exhaust pipes,
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Comflex exhaust-pipes

Where to Buy Exhaust flex pipes

Comflex offers various exhaust flex pipes and pipe connectors for all needed to fit exhaust systems. Besides, our philosophy is simple: deliver superior exhaust fitting accessories with more features
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Comflex precision bellows

Process and Precautions of Precision Bellows

Precision bellows refer to tubular elastic sensing elements connected by foldable corrugated sheets along the folding direction. Precision bellows are widely used in instruments and meters. They are used
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Steel Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe

Advantages of Steel Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe

The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is made of high-strength plastic steel wire mesh skeleton and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw materials, and the steel wire surrounding mesh is used
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Characteristics of PVC Coated Flexible Conduit

Our daily life will be regularly used to PVC coated flexible conduit, mainly because this PVC coated flexible conduit has very good characteristics, and in the use of time
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Selection and Installation of Flexible Metal Pipe

There are many types of metal hoses, so how to choose them? Let's talk about the selection and installation of metal hoses. Technical Parameters Flexible Metal Pipe  Size: 50
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Comflex Steel Flex Hose

What Are the Steps of Welding Steel Flex Hose?

Steel flex hose is widely used in various fields such as aerospace, petrochemical, mining and electronics, machinery and shipbuilding, medical and health, light textile and electronics, energy and construction,
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Comflex pvc coated conduit

Popularization of Basic Knowledge of PVC Coated Conduit

What is the PVC coated conduit? The PVC-coated steel flexible conduit is referred to as the plastic-coated tube, which is attached to the core of the metal hose along
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