Process and Precautions of Precision Bellows


Precision bellows refer to tubular elastic sensing elements connected by foldable corrugated sheets along the folding direction. Precision bellows are widely used in instruments and meters. They are used mainly as measuring elements in pressure-measuring instruments, converting pressure into displacement or force. The precision bellows have a thin wall and high sensitivity. The measurement range is tens of Pa to tens of MPa. Its open end is fixed, the sealed end is in a free state, and the auxiliary coil spring or reed is used to increase the elasticity. In operation, the pipe stretches along its length under the action of internal pressure so that the movable end will produce a pressure-related displacement. The movable end drives the pointer to indicate the pressure directly. Bellows are often combined with displacement transducers to form pressure transducers with an electrical output and are sometimes used as isolation elements. Since the expansion of the bellows requires a large volume change, its response speed is slower than that of the Bourdon tube. Bellows are suitable for measuring low pressure.

Comflex bellow

Technical Parameters
Bellow Compensator 
Size: 50
Material: ss321
Layer: 2

    Keep the environment clean. After the precision bellows are pulled out, its outer cone should be temporarily sealed with a plastic bag, and the inner cone of the interface should be installed in the adapter in time. After the equipment is pulled out, the cone in the interface should be installed in time. The contact surface of the bellows should be evenly coated with qualified silicone grease. During the maintenance test, check the grease for hardening and replace the grease if necessary. When reassembling the equipment, first select a plastic tube with an outer diameter of 1-2mm and a thickness of 0.5mm, then insert it into the bottom of the interface along the inner cone wall, and then insert the equipment into place along the axis. Slowly pull out the plastic tube, tighten the bolts, and stop for more than 4 hours. After the gas is vented, the power is received.

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    65% of the bellows are SiO, SiO2 data has no impact on the environment. The product can be recycled after use, and its function is stable. The corrugated tube covered insulation structure can ensure the normal and stable operation of electrical components in a messy environment, and the maintenance and protection are simple. The excellent insulation function of the precision corrugated tube can reduce the inter-phase interval and the insulation interval to the ground inside the switch. The bellows have high mechanical strength and will not loosen the connection part of the switch due to vibration during transportation or operation. Bellows also has the advantages of high dielectric strength, small volume when pouring and hardening, and easy processing.

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