Advantages of Steel Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe


The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is made of high-strength plastic steel wire mesh skeleton and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw materials, and the steel wire surrounding mesh is used as the skeleton reinforcement of the polyethylene plastic pipe. The HDPE modified bonding resin tightly connects the steel wire skeleton with the inner and outer layers of high-density polyethylene, so that it has an excellent composite effect.

Technical Parameters
Composite pipe 
Size: 50
Material: PP
Layer: 1

    Because the high-strength steel wire reinforcement is wrapped in continuous thermoplastics, this composite pipe overcomes the respective shortcomings of steel pipes and plastic pipes, while maintaining the respective advantages of steel pipes and plastic pipes. The plastic composite pipe with steel mesh skeleton adopts high-quality materials and advanced production technology to make it have higher pressure resistance.

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    At the same time, the composite pipe has excellent flexibility and is suitable for long-distance buried water supply and gas pipeline systems. The pipe fittings selected for the steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe are polyethylene electrofusion pipe fittings. When connecting, use the heating element inside the pipe fitting to melt the plastic on the outer layer of the pipe and the plastic on the inner layer of the pipe fitting, and connect the pipe and the fitting together reliably.

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