Selection and Installation of Flexible Metal Pipe


There are many types of metal hoses, so how to choose them? Let's talk about the selection and installation of metal hoses.

Comflex flexible metal pipe

Technical Parameters
Flexible Metal Pipe 
Size: 50
Material: ss321
Layer: 2

    Flexible metal pipe is a high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipelines. It has many characteristics such as outstanding flexibility, fatigue resistance, high-pressure bearing, good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong sealing. It is mainly composed of corrugated pipes, mesh sleeves, and joints. The selection of flexible metal pipes should summarize the following elements.

    The properties of the medium, diameter, pressure, joint method, displacement method, minimum bending radius, length, etc., improper selection may cause the early failure of the metal hose and become a serious personal or equipment accident.

    Type: In order to compensate for pipeline displacement, installation error and foundation settlement, absorb vibration and reduce noise, etc., annular bellows metal hoses should be used; for occasions where the pressure is high but displacement and vibration occur infrequently, spiral bellows metal hoses should be used. Tube.

    Medium properties - raw materials: choose flexible metal pipes suitable for raw materials according to the corrosiveness and temperature of the medium. Joint method: spherical type, cone type, flat union type, quick joint type, pipe thread type, flange type, and receiving type.

    Interested in Buying Bellow Compensator from Comflex?

    Ss flex pipes are used as a movement compensator to eliminate temperature deformation and device deformation of the hydraulic system of various equipment. Ss flex pipe with mesh sleeves is used to work under high pressure. Ss flex pipe for long-term oscillating conditions with a wide frequency of encouragement and a limited number of twists. Such ss flex pipes require long-term oscillation experiments at operating frequencies. Determine its working ability according to the vibration strength and vibration resistance requirements.

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