Development Trend Forecast of Flexible Steel Hose Industry


With the continuous improvement of the production capacity of domestic enterprises, the metal hoses produced by state-owned enterprises have gradually gone abroad, and their market share in Asia and Africa has continued to increase. , The noise reduction effect is obviously improved, and the automotive industry has driven the development of high-performance flexible steel hose. So where will the development of the flexible steel hose industry go next? Let's make a prediction.

Although the raw materials for the production of flexible steel hose have been continuously tested and upgraded, which has improved the life and safety of flexible steel hose, at the same time, the cost of raw materials for products has continued to rise. Coupled with the increase in domestic labor costs, corporate profits have continued to decline. If state-owned enterprises Do not play high-performance cards and insist on occupying the market at low prices, which will form a disgusting cycle of development, resulting in the market being seized by high-end European and American companies, and its own technical strength will not be improved.

The ss flexible hose industry standards of state-owned enterprises are not standardized, resulting in chaotic specifications, uneven quality, and unstable process performance of the ss hose produced, which cannot guarantee the consistency of the quality of the supplied products.

Comflex ss hose

Technical Parameters
Flexible Steel Hose 
Size: 150
Material: ss321
Shape: Annular

    From 1990 to 2005, the average annual growth rate of domestic flexible steel hoses was 23.4%, four times the international growth rate. In 2006, the output reached the level of 5 million, which indicates the rapid growth trend of my country's industrial consumption level. With the global economic integration proposed by Xi Jinping and China's promotion in the international community, Chinese products have gradually been recognized by the international community, so China's export volume has increased. The improvement will further drive the development of the industry.

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    In addition, the Chinese government's supportive policies for flexible steel hoses manufacturers have also continued to strengthen. Export tax rebates have made more companies willing to go abroad. With the decline in domestic transportation logistics prices and the simplification of customs clearance and export procedures, the tentacles of flexible steel hoses will be extended all over the world.

    Of course, government departments have been emphasizing reducing production pollution, protecting the atmosphere, protecting water resources, and implementing environmentally friendly production. Some metal hose companies that are not properly managed will be severely investigated and even closed down. Therefore, we remind manufacturers not to only seek temporary interests. Only knowing how to speed up the pace of production and construction without paying attention to the environmental protection of products, enterprises will not be able to achieve sustainable development, and will also have an impact on the development of the industry.

    As can be seen from the above, ss hoses will always be on the rise in the future, with broad development prospects, shoddy manufacturing will be abandoned, and high quality and high specifications will occupy more domestic and international markets.

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