What is plastic coated stainless steel flexible conduit?


The plastic-coated stainless steel flexible conduit is made of stainless steel flexible conduit and galvanized steel flexible conduit with a layer of PVC material for cables covered along the concave and convex surface of the tube wall core. In other words, the inner layer of the plastic-coated flexible steel conduit is made of flexible steel conduit or galvanized steel flexible conduit and special insulation treatment, and the outer layer is made of PVC material (anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging), which can protect the wire and cable to achieve the purpose of insulation and waterproofing. And it can improve the bending and beautiful appearance of the cable. Due to its lightweight, excellent flexibility, connection strength with accessories, electrical properties, oil resistance, splash water resistance, etc., plastic-coated metal hoses are widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgical, light industry, machinery, and other industries. The specifications range from 6mm to 150mm. The colors are mainly divided into black and gray, and other colors are also available.

Comflex stainless steel flexible conduit

Technical Parameters
Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit 
Size: ID:8mm, OD:10mm
Material: ss321
Structure: squarelock

    Features and advantages of plastic-coated stainless steel flexible conduit:

    1. It has excellent waterproof, insulating, and tensile properties.
    2. The surface is made of PVC material, and fire retardant is added to the PVC plastic. The operating temperature range: -40℃~+600℃. However, a certain rubber and plastic manufacturer in Hebei specializes in the production of high-temperature resistant plastic-coated stainless steel flexible conduit and corrugated pipes, and other pipeline products.
    3. The structure is single button and double button type, which increases the tensile strength and is not easy to break or deform.
    4. Good bending performance, smooth internal structure, easy to pass through when threading wires and cables.
    5. Waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, and good sealing performance.

    Plastic-coated stainless steel flexible conduits are widely used in the protection of wires and electrical appliances in industries such as precision instrument wiring, electric power, wires, plastics, and rubber because of their beautiful appearance and compact structure. Application areas include railway, locomotive, transportation system engineering, air conditioning, various machinery, automatic control equipment, power generation, chemical industry, power transmission and distribution systems, communication systems, ships, buildings, wiring protection for exposed parts inside and outside the factory. 

    Interested in Buying PVC coated Flexible Steel Conduit from Comflex?

    Nowadays, plastic-coated stainless steel flexible conduit are commonly used in home interior decoration, which can prevent leakage and protect the wires from being bitten by mice. It can be insulated, and it can protect us from being injured by electricity when the wire leaks. The price is still very cheap, convenient and affordable, and it is the material of choice for citizens to decorate their houses.

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