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Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in various kinds of flexible exhaust pipes in China. With over 25 years' efforts, our company was widely famous in the industry. Our products are exported to many countries, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, etc.

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Our high-quality flexible exhaust pipes are the best choice if you want to import from China. We provide one-stop service from production to after-sales service and we can customize it according to your requirements. If you purchase a big quantity, we will give you a big discount.


Different Types of Flexible Exhaust pipes

We supply various kinds of flexible exhaust pipes, such as flexible exhaust pipe with Innner/Outer Braid, with innterlock hose, with different types of nipples. If you want to get more information about our exhaust pipes, please fill in the contact form below, our support team will get back to you soon.

Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Outer Braid

Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Inner Braid

Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Interlock Hose

Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Nipple

Package & Delivery

Contact:Kelly Huang

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Our Customers

As the world's leading Flexible Exhaust Pipe Manufacturer, we know that value and trust are the ingredients of a quality relationship and that they are valued more than a single order.We are welcome our customers to come to visit our factory.Seeing is believing.




Our Advantages

Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional flexible exhaust pipes manufacturing Co. In Comflex we have a lot of necessary manufacturing facility for high-quality flexible exhaust pipe.

1.Mechanical metallic hose making machine: DN6-DN40
2.Spiral metallic hose machine: DN8-DN20/DN25-50
3.Tube welding machine: DN32-DN350
4.Hydraulic metallic hose making machine: DN32-DN350
5.Elastomer metallic hose making machine: DN15-DN150
6.Wire braiding machine: 24-156 spindle

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If you would like to request for catalog, price list, or samples, please fill out the form below. We are happy to send out everything you need, whether you are a professional manufacturer or distributor looking to fulfill a contract we are happy to help you.


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