Hose with Fittings

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Flexible Metal Braided Hoses with fittings can be used in all kinds of steam, water, oil and gas systems with its pressure resistance and elastic structure.The braids not only share the static load of the metal hose in axial and radial direction, but also ensures the safe and reliable operation of the metal hose under the condition that the fluid flows along the pipe and produces pulsation effect. At the same time, it also ensures that the corrugated part of the hose is not directly affected by relative friction, impact and other mechanical damages.The service life in the hoses is equal to the total loading speed in the elapsed time until the first leakage begins.
The strength of the hose with braided can be increased by ten to dozens of times.The maximum shielding capacity can reach 99.95%. The material of the braids are generally the same as that of the corrugated steel hose material, and it is also used in combination with two materials. Ordinary metal hoses use only one layer of braids; for special applications, they are also woven in two or three layers.