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Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd

Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of flex-related products in China. Comflex is very professional in making all kinds of flex-related products, such as flexible metal hoses, expansion joints, braidings, hose fittings and so on for 25 years.

Working closely with customers and suppliers helps us build high-quality products that meet or exceed the most stringent industry standard. Known for our durability and superior resistance to corrosion, Comflex hoses are exported to many countries, such as the United States, South Korea, Turkey, India, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Australia, Canada, UK,etc., which make more profit for our customers.

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Main Products
Flexible Metal Hose
                       Corrugated Steel Hose
Braided Hose with Fittings
                    Braided Hose with Fittings
Gas Hose
                                 Gas Hose
Expansion Joint
                                Expansion Joint
                                   PTFE Hose
Comflex Flexible Metal Conduit
Products Show

Comflex flexible metal hose with different fittings
Comflex Extremely Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel Industrial Hose with Flange
Comflex Flexible Metal Hose
Comflex factory site

Comflex flexible metal hose package & shipment
Comflex flexible metal hose package & shipment
Comflex flexible metal hose package & shipment
Comflex flexible metal hose package & shipment
Size range:15mm-600mm(customized)
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Comflex flexible metal conduit 20mm
Size range:3mm-57mm(customized)
Material:Stainless Steel
PVC coated or not
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Size range:Customized
Type:Smooth bore,Corrugated
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PTFE lined steel pipe/vessel
Customized as your requirements
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Workshop Corner

Hydraulic Bellow & Hose production
Flexible Hose Production

flexible metal hose manufacture site
Flexible Hose Braiding

Comflex Industrial Co.,Ltd flexible metal hose manufacturing co
Flexible Metal Hose Warehouse

Company Advantage

We are a professional manufacturer of metal hoses. In our factory we have a lot of necessary manufacture facility for high quality metal hoses.

  • Mechanical metal hose making machine: DN6-DN40
  • Spiral metal hose machine: DN8-DN20/DN25-50
  • Tube welding machine: DN32-DN350
  • Hydraulic metal hose making machine: DN32-DN350
  • Elastomer metal hose making machine: DN15-DN150
  • Wire braiding machine: 24-156 spindle

We often export high quality metal hoses with different types of fittings, such as flanges, NPF fittings, BSP fittings... Our products are well received by customers. Quality and service are our aim.


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