Comflex metal hose

Corrugated Steel Hose

Ω type metal hose/ U type metal hose Corrugated metal hoses have a bendable and bendable structure; Reliable, quick and easy connection with time-saving, pressure and temperature-resistant hoses. Flexible
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Comflex Braided metal hose with fittings

Hose with Fittings

NPT BSP Flange Flexible Metal Braided Hoses with fittings can be used in all kinds of steam, water, oil and gas systems with its pressure resistance and elastic structure.The
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Chemical Transfer Composite Hose

The composite hose is made of a variety of materials with a multi-layer sealing structure. It still has good resistance to cracking and leakage in the harshest environment. It
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Comflex expansion-joint

Expansion Joint

Metallic expansion joint/ PTFE expansion joint Expansion joints are employed in piping systems to absorb different thermal expansion while containing the system pressure. The utility model is composed of
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RTP Composite Hose

A Steel wire wrapped skeleton reinforced polyethylene composite pipe(DN50-630mm) B Flexible composite high-pressure conveying pipe(DN50-150mm) Structural diagram of steel wire wrapped skeleton reinforced polyethylene composite pipe: It is mainly composed of
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Comflex flexible metal conduit with PVC coated


Squarelock conduit/ Interlock conduit/ PVC/PU coated conduit Our conduit has high flexible and excellent performance of waterproof, insulation and tensile property.The counter-lock structure provide a powerful tensile resistance, hard to
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