Design Method of Metal Hose


The metal hose is a kind of flexible, thick-walled tube, and a horizontal convolution tube heat exchanger part, which can digest the journal, angle, side and deflection under external force and torque. In addition to plasticity, the metal hose also has compression resistance, airtightness, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance, and other kinds of parts, is a kind of multifunctional parts, has long been used in industrial equipment, cars, petrochemical equipment, concrete, and other fields.

Grasp the stress field-judgment value of the metal hose cap according to the basic mechanical knowledge. However, due to the fact that the metal hose itself is a kind of complex symmetrical thick-walled pipe cap, and the material is in the plastic deformation range in most cases, there is a very large definite error between the analytical solution and the actual recovery of the metal hose material. The current analytical method is rarely used in the industry.

In order to better integrate into the engineering building design plan, the engineering building design plan method is introduced. The awareness of this method is to introduce the correction coefficient of the data graph method from the similar solution grasped by the analytical method, and undergo similar adjustments. Obtain a simple scheme design calculation method, and apply it in the engineering building design scheme.

Nowadays, with the many applications of metal hose in petroleum and petrochemical equipment, concrete and other industries, the design method of engineering and construction has been difficult to consider the requirements of metal hose design in the case of complex work, and the calculation method of project design is applied.