How to Deal With Metal Hose Crack?


Metal hoses use more and more common in social development socio-economic, especially in the field of production and processing of stainless steel plates, crude oil, chemical plants, etc., are also extensive. Therefore, after the metal hose is fed in the application, what should I do?

1. New:

Saw off the cracking metal hose, find a working pressure, long-short and cracking steel hose, and saw the connecting head, and the electric coating of the crack tube joint in alternative wire hose, will electrically Good wire hose can be applied after removal.

2. Bundle

Apply metal hose cracking at the construction project to the machinery and equipment, with a total width of the anti-corrosion gear, the anti-corrosion gear is applied to the 2-3 layers, and the layers should be applied to the glue. The wire will surround good corrosion-resistant gels, to be solidified.

Comflex-flexible metal hose with flange