How to Avoid Corrosion of Bellows Compensator?


Corrosion of the bellows compensator will reduce its own service life and fail to reach the fatigue times that it should exert. Therefore, when choosing the material of the bellows compensator, how can we avoid corrosion of the bellows compensator?

Comflex bellow

Technical Parameters
Bellow Compensator 
Size: 50
Material: ss321
Layer: 2

    How can we avoid corrosion of the bellows compensator?

    (1) Good plasticity, which is convenient for processing and forming the bellows compensator, can obtain sufficient hardness and strength through subsequent treatment processes (cold work hardening, heat treatment, etc...

    (2) High elasticity, high tensile strength, and fatigue strength, which can maintain the normal operation of the bellows compensator.

    (3) Good welding performance, meeting the welding process requirements of the bellows compensator in the manufacturing process.

    (4) Better performance, meeting the working requirements of bellows compensator in different environments.

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    Under normal circumstances, galvanic corrosion, chemical corrosion and special corrosion are the corrosion phenomena that corrugated pipe compensators are prone to occur. Generally, electrical corrosion is more common for users in the process of use. The main corrosion part is on the appearance of the corrugated compensator or some Corrosion damage caused by point or crevice corrosion. When using the bellows compensator, customers should pay attention to the operation of the pipeline and ensure timely inspection and maintenance.

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