How to Make Metal Rectangular Corrugated Compensator?


Metal rectangular corrugated compensators are generally installed on rectangular pipelines. Generally, rectangular pipelines are low-pressure pipelines. Commonly used compensators are metal rectangular corrugated compensators and rectangular non-metallic compensators. For dusty flue gas with high corrosiveness and high-temperature requirements, the metal rectangular corrugated compensator is generally preferred.

Comflex Rectangular compensator

Technical Parameters
Bellow Compensator 
Size: 50
Material: ss321
Layer: 2

    Necessary Information for making Metal Rectangular Corrugated Compensator?

    1. Caliber: the interface size of the rectangular pipe (length * width mm)

    2. Working condition parameters: a. design pressure; temperature; c. circulating medium

    3. Type, the shape of convolution and number of convolutions, and provide compensation if necessary.

    4. Product length, whether pre-stretching is required.

    5. Connection mode: flange connection or pipe connection. If the flange connection does not include a matching flange, please provide flange drawings.

    6. General products are equipped with diversion tubes, please specify if you do not need a diversion tube. If the medium is corrosive, high temperature, or has strong friction, please inform it to ensure the product life.

    7. If there are special requirements for the selection of parts and materials and product manufacturing, inspection, packaging, and other special requirements, please specify.

    Interested in Buying Metal Rectangular Corrugated Compensator from Comflex?

    The above-mentioned items are the technical parameters that need to be confirmed with the purchaser before the rectangular corrugated compensator is made. Since the corrugated compensator is a customized product for pipeline processing, it is necessary to determine the use and installation environment with the manufacturer of the corrugated compensator before purchasing.

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