Stainless Steel Flexible Hose


Description of Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

Convoluted stainless steel flexible hose has many characteristics such as good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high-pressure resistance, good temperature resistance, and strong sealing. Stainless Steel Flexible Hose is widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, papermaking, construction, rubber, textile printing and dyeing, medicine, food, transportation, and other industries.

Comflex stainless steel Flexible hose

Comflex Industrial Co.,Ltd flexible metal hose

Selection Principle of SS Flexible Hose

Determining the length of the ss flexible hose is a more important issue. Choosing a longer length will bring additional vibration to the equipment system and cause instability and other mechanical problems; choosing a shorter length will not achieve the required displacement compensation.


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Application of the Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

For Pump: Install stainless flex hoses at the inlet and outlet of pumps and compressors, which can reduce vibration and noise and improve the quality and service life of the project.

Comflex stainless steel hose for pump

For storage tanks: Install convoluted stainless steel flexible hoses or large tie rod transverse corrugated compensators on the inlet and outlet pipelines of the storage tanks to absorb the displacement of the piping system caused by the earthquake and the displacement caused by the sinking of the storage tank.

For tank cars: At present, convoluted stainless steel flexible hoses are mostly used for refueling tanks of trains and automobiles. The improved rubber pipes have good flexibility, a small radius of curvature, long life, and closed refueling can reduce the reliability of fuel volatilization. Used in petrochemical, wharf, storage and transportation, and firefighting industries.

Oxygen blowing in steelmaking: Its bellows are annular waves, which are used in high-pressure, high-velocity, and high-dust steelmaking industries, and can also be used as converter oxygen lance cooling water pipes and open-hearth oxygen blowing hoses.


Double-layer thermal insulation convoluted stainless steel flexible hoses: the inner and outer pipes of the double pipe can circulate two different fluids at the same time, and the steam inside the outer pipe facilitates the heat preservation of the fluid in the inner pipe and prevents solidification.

Due to the variety of stainless steel hoses, the specialty is strong. Therefore, when selecting metal hose products, the following factors should be determined: metal hose diameter, working pressure, working temperature, medium properties, joint form, installation and displacement methods, etc., in order to choose the right product.

Comflex ss-flex-hose

Technical Parameters
Stainless Steel Hose with Flange 
Size: DN20
Material: ss321
Braider Layer: 2

    Manufacturing Standards for Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses

    GB/T14525-2010 "General technical conditions for corrugated metal hoses"

    JB/T81 "convex panel flat welded steel pipe flange"

    JB/T83 "Flat Welded Ring Plate Loose Steel Pipe Flange"

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